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The wonderful world

I like fish and my favourite is red herring.
Apr 15 '14

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Apr 15 '14

Art tips:


Just draw the damn hands.  Stop ending them at stumps at the wrist. Stop hiding them behind someone’s back.  Draw them.  Yeah, you’re probably bad at them, guess what? Everyone is.  And you’re not going to get better by not drawing them.

So draw the damn hands.


Apr 15 '14

There is this Du Bois painting in my parents’ living room. One of the women has a parasol that matches her long, grey skirt. And for the first twelve years of my life I thought she was a trashcan…

Apr 14 '14
Apr 14 '14
fig. The longdistance Leader Leader Sheep relationshipNot exactly ideally dynamic and productive

fig. The longdistance Leader Leader Sheep relationship
Not exactly ideally dynamic and productive

Apr 13 '14

There are two guys in a car in the driveway listening to Eiffel 65’s Blue (da ba dee) at top volume.

Apr 13 '14



Did he just
He did
Martin Freeman managed to get a middle finger in the movie after all.

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Apr 13 '14

Think furnace with wings

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Apr 13 '14


I was there,Gandalf…

”-Isildur, we need to destroy it!

-You gonna drag this shit on the top of the mountain?


I was there the day the strength of Men failed…

Apr 12 '14


steven expressions, episodes 1-10

SU is never going to be a show that adheres to static, lifeless stock expressions. it’s a CARTOON and we do not apologize.